The mission was briefed on the corps’ task performance in the first eight months of this year. Accordingly, the corps and other signal units ensured smooth communication during political events and exercises, such as the 26th annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, a field exercise with the use of real forces in the Central Highlands, and a combined signal exercise in the area where Military Region 4 is stationed.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Trong Nghia watches modern signal equipment researched and manufactured by the hi-tech information technical center.

Besides, the corps’ Party Committee and Chain-of-Command directed affiliates to put forward projects to meet the requirement of military information and communication modernization while working closely with military and civilian telecoms businesses to develop networks, improve capacity and stability of the military signal system and more.

Speaking at the meeting, General Nghia applauded the corps’ troops’ achievements and congratulated them on the 73rd foundation day of the corps.

General Nghia underscored the corps’ guarantee of smooth communication and absolute safety for routine and unscheduled missions, its  initiatives for  the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and its investment in modernizing and digitalizing the military signal system.

Regarding the future missions, General Nghia asked the corps’ Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to raise its  troops’ awareness of the corps’ role, status and tradition, to continue to direct the corps to take advantage of and overcome challenges posed by Industry 4.0 while improving their professional expertise, bringing into play the creativity and virtue of Uncle Ho’s soldiers to accomplish their assigned missions.

The corps was also requested to take the lead in meeting the requirements of international integration, adapt to new technologies, be able to work in new combat environment to handle well any emerging situations and continue to produce more feasible products to serve the military.

Translated by Mai Huong