Ships maneuver to the designated position.

The exercise aimed to check, evaluate, and improve the synergy, command and coordination capability of cadres at all levels as well as the capacity of exploiting and using weapons and technical equipment of both cadres and soldiers in the whole command.

Lessons drawn from the exercise are useful for the command to adjust and supplement new combat plans in line with reality and specific conditions of the command, thereby meeting the mission requirements of safeguarding national sovereignty over the sea and islands in the Southwestern area.

Cadres and troops practice AK rifle shooting at sea.
Senior Colonel Tran Nguyen Lai (front line, center) presents ‘good shooting flowers’ to units.

The contents of the exercise were comprehensive with a focus on combining tactical practice with dealing with simulated situations.

Senior Colonel Tran Nguyen Lai, Second-in-Command and Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard Region 4 Command, commented that the exercise took place as planned with all set contents and goals well completed. According to Lai, all participating troops fulfilled their live-fire duties with flying colors, ensuring absolute safety of participants and materiel.

Region 4’s coast guards distribute leaflets on State law to local fishermen.

Apart from good performance of the exercise, the command also disseminated information about the Party’s standpoint and guideline on protecting national sovereignty over the sea and islands in the new situation, basic contents of the Vietnam Coast Guard Law, legal documents on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing for more than 200 cadres, people, and students in An Son commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province.

Translated by Mai Huong