During the course, the trainees will exchange and interact with foreign experts on international principles and norms. They will also study ways to protect people during war and rules to deal with humanitarian issues in accordance with Vietnam’s tradition and its Party’s guideline and State’s policies and law.

During the course 

The course was jointly held by the Department of Mass Mobilization under the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnam Red Cross Society’s Central Committee and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Asia-Pacific.

Vietnam is a signatory to nearly 20 international humanitarian conventions and protocols. Vietnam’s early participation in key IHL documents demonstrates the country’s will, aspiration and peace-loving spirit as well as its commitments to addressing disputes by peaceful means and protecting human rights.

Attentively, over the past years, the Vietnam People’s Army has regularly coordinated with the International Red Cross Society to organize a number of training courses for cadres in charge of mass mobilization and sent senior officers to attend IHL refresher courses while actively disseminating the IHL’s significance, human values, and noble goals.

Translated by Chung Anh