At the launching ceremony

The event is part of the activities to mark the 9th Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Organization of the Vietnam People’s Navy for the 2022-2027 tenure.

The sports festival attracts the participation of 21 delegations with 700 athletes from naval agencies and units to compete in eight categories, namely volleyball, badminton, tennis, swimming, strong soldiers (100m race, triple jump, horizontal bar pull-up performance, 3,000m armed race), obstacle crossing, folk dance and tug-of-war.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Rear Admiral Tran Ngoc Quyet, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Naval Service, emphasized the naval troops’ important missions in safeguarding national sovereignty over sea and islands and building a revolutionary, elite, and modernized navy. Therefore, each naval troop needs to have good health to meet the requirements of tasks in the new situation.

He added that the organization of the competition in 2022 is an important step in combat training to evaluate the quality of training in general, physical training and sports activities in particular of naval agencies and units. The outcomes of the competition serve as a basis for agencies and units to direct their training activities and organization of military and sports events in line with the actual situation in the coming years.

Troops competing in the "strong soldiers" event

The organizing panel asked the referees to be fair, objective, and honest while participating athletes must strictly follow regulations of the competition, observe discipline during competitions, and be determined to obtain highest possible results.

After the opening ceremony, participating troops started competing in different events. The festival is scheduled to wrap up on July 21.

Translated by Tran Hoai