The mission checks task performance of Naval Region 4’s ships.

The mission checked crews’ grasping and implementation of higher levels’ decisions, directives, and guidance on conducting search and rescue missions at sea; their leadership and direction-related documents; personnel organization, weapons and equipment, vehicles, and training facilities. The inspection aimed to evaluate the units’ implementation of force organization, their training results, and ability to carry out missions.

After the inspection, Col. Chau commended the units for their achievements during the past period. As elite units in search and rescue operations, they have thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented decisions, directives, and guidelines from higher levels. They have also ensured adequate equipment for disaster prevention, search and rescue operations at sea.

The head of the delegation requested the units’ chains-of-command to address shortcomings and limitations, thus enhancing their ability of responding to circumstances and participating in humanitarian assistance activities.

Translated by Chung Anh