The scenario of the exercise required units in MZ4 to shift from the normal combat readiness posture to a higher one, make preparations for military operations and practice protecting the defensive area at the military zone level. The exercise was conducted in three phases, during which participants had to fulfill six contents on shifting all local armed forces to the highest level of combat readiness, preparing efforts and assets for defensive operations in MZ4, and commanding forces to defend the whole defensive area of MZ4.

 The officers try handling situations on the map
The summary reports on the outcomes of the exercise showed that commanders and staff officers of the participating units demonstrated their good knowledge and skills of defensive operations in a defensive area at the military-zone level. They also creatively combined knowledge of modern warfare, the Party’s defense policies and Vietnamese arts of war with traditional military experiences of our ancestors in the past wars against foreign invaders.

During the exercise, information technology aid was efficiently exploited, bettering the overall results of the exercise.

In conclusion, the whole change-of-command of the exercise ran the exercise smoothly from the preparation phase to the operational phase featuring command and staff work as well as combat coordination among forces during the exercise and operation, and the final phase with activities to wrap up the operation.

According to leaders of the MZ4 Command, the exercise met the set requirements and reached the planned objectives, thanks to concrete guidelines of the MZ4 Party Committee, good preparations of the exercise command, involved agencies and units, and a high sense of responsibility and resolve of participating officers. The MZ4 Command also drew some lessons and experiences from the exercise, which will be added to training plans of units across the military zone.

Translated by Thu Nguyen