* Attending the new-training-year kick-starting ceremony at Border Guard Training Center, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan applauded and congratulated the center on its achievements.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Phung Si Tan watches training supplies of Border Guard Training Center.

He asked the center’s party committee, chain-of-command to pay attention to education to raise troops’ awareness of training duties. They should also focus on synchronous and specialized training in the direction of modernization, encouraging troops to self-study, self-practice to improve their  skills, and fostering contingents of all-level cadres.

* Addressing the ceremony held by Military Central Hospital 108, Sr. Lt. Gen. Phung Si Tan asked the hospital’s party committee and directorate to issue more policies and develop solutions to comprehensively improve the quality of specialized activities, train cadres with revolutionary moral qualities and professional skills.

The hospital was urged to put the emergency response center into operation to give timely response to disaster-related emergency aid, emergency situations and be ready to take on international service.

* Together with kick-starting the 2023 training program, Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment 228, Division 365 under the Air Defense - Air Force Service launched a high-level emulation movement themed “Embracing Uncle Uncle's teachings, emulating to excellently complete first-six-month tasks.”

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Nghia hands over the flag “Good Training Unit” in 2022 to Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment 228.

In his speech, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Nghia requested the regiment to closely combine military training and political education, force-regularity building, and discipline management. Gen. Nghia emphasized the focus on night training, maneuver training, coordination among combat crews and training new recruits, giving advice on training, tactical forms and combat methods, among others.

* Present at the ceremony hosted by Brigade 162 of Naval Region 4, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Nguyen Trong Binh asked for high awareness and responsibility of troops of their training tasks, breakthrough-making in duty performance.

On the occasion, authorized by the Ministry of National Defense’s leadership, Gen. Binh handed over the flag “Good Training Unit” in 2022 to the brigade.

Troops of Brigade 162 perform unarmed martial arts.

* At the ceremony to launch the new training year of Coast Guard Region 1, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Major General Pham Truong Son asked the unit to effectively realize the training motto “Basic, Practical, Firm,” concentrate on night training, mastering materiel, strengthen the unit’s synergy, combat strength, and be determined to building a revolutionary, standardized, elite, and modernized the Vietnamese coast guard force.

* In similar ceremonies taking place the same day, military units underlined their breakthrough to be made and devised measures to raise training quality to meet training requirements in the new situation. Alongside aiming to improve troops’ expertise, organize intensive training in all conditions and close to subjects, localities, and combat plans, many units set targets to promoting digital transformation, digitizing curricula, applying advanced information technology to training and exercises, to name but a few.

Translated by Mai Huong