In 2021, military judicial, inspection, legislation, audit agencies, inspection committees, border guard and coast guard forces strictly followed the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense and completed all routine and unscheduled duties.

Delegates at the event

Attentively, agencies and units actively teamed with local relevant forces and authorities to effectively prevent crimes and violations and boost information dissemination in flexible manner and in line with reality, contributing to raising troops’ and people’s awareness of laws. They also paid due attention to inspection and audit work, strictly carried out inspection, prosecution, judgment and judgment enforcement duties. In addition, they launched numerous crime prevention campaigns while following their political tasks and keeping a close watch on situational developments.

Concluding the meeting, Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh applauded the judicial, inspection, legislation, audit agencies, units, inspection committees, border guard and coast guard forces for their achievements obtained in 2021.

Regarding the tasks for this year, General Vinh asked them to heighten their determination, build specific plans, develop effective approaches, and fulfill all assignments.

The deputy defense minister asked them to focus on building and completing the military-defense legal system and putting law dissemination at the center.

He asked the judicial agencies to give more advice to the Ministry of National Defense to better the judicial reform affairs, fight against violations of laws, especially those along the borderline, at sea, and in border areas.

The judicial agencies were also asked to improve inspection and judgment enforcement quality, innovate the reception of people and effectively handle petitions to avoid backlog, overlapping, among others.

Translated by Mai Huong