Addressing the meeting on November 7 in Hanoi, Lieutenant General Do Quyet, the MMU’s Director, emphasized that participating in the United Nations peacekeeping operations is a new task in terms of socio-political and diplomatic significance. This is an important mission for the country in general and for the military in particular, as it helps realize the Vietnamese Party’s and State’s international integration and defense relations policies, thus confirming the role, high sense of responsibility, position and prestige of Vietnam in maintaining an environment of peace and stability in the region and the world. It also contributes to the cooperation and development of countries all over the world.

Lieutenant General Do Quyet offers flowers to representatives from the Level-two Field Hospital Rotation 2.

“By now, all cadres and workers of the L2FH Rotation 2 trained by the MMU have outstandingly completed their preparations, acquired basic knowledge of the requested fields and developed their professional expertise,” said General Quyet, adding that all members of the hospital are now capable of undertaking UN peacekeeping missions assigned by the Ministry of National Defense and are highly resolved to complete their tasks.

General Quyet hoped that the hospital’s staff would perform their missions well, promote the good virtues, tradition and image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and build up close-knit relations with other forces in the United Nations to successfully complete their assignments.

On behalf of the hospital, the L2FH’s Director Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Hien promised to do their utmost, overcome difficulties, and be determined to complete all assigned missions.

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Hien speaks at the event.

L2FH Rotation 2 was founded under the Decision of the Minister of National Defense issued on June 13, 2017. Its medical personnel were trained to take UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and join multilateral military medical exercises in Vietnam and abroad. This hospital will replace the L2FH Rotation 1 which is going to finish its missions in the UN Mission in South Sudan.

Tasked to train the L2FH Rotation 2’s personnel by the Ministry of National Defense (MND)’s leadership, the MMU has embraced the MND’s directives, decisions and plans. It has also actively cooperated with other functional organs of the MND and relevant agencies to receive, make plans, and to hold training courses at home and abroad to improve the peacekeeping expertise of the hospital’s personnel. This September, the hospital’s personnel were transferred to the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

Translated by Mai Huong