According to the delegation, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Military Region 3 Command and the Central Commission for Mass Mobilization, mass mobilization work in the nine provinces in the military region has been well-implemented with positive results.

At the working session with Military Region 3

The armed forces, the party committees, local authorities, and socio-political organizations mobilized people from all walks of life in the military region to effectively realize the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's laws; actively build strong political bases and promote socio-economic development while strengthening the local defense and security posture, and firm defensive areas. The local armed forces also actively helped local people reduce poverty, overcome the consequences of natural disasters, and well carry out social policies.

Since 2016, the agencies and units of MR 3 have helped localities build and upgrade more than 153km of rural roads, 142km of canals and plant 50ha of forests, and repair 65 schools. They also mobilized nearly 32,000 participating troops and 1,684 vehicles to support local people overcome consequences of natural disasters.

The mission suggested the MR 3 armed forces should thoroughly grasp and implement the Party's resolutions and directives on mass mobilization work. All local Party committees, authorities and military units should mobilize people to consolidate the great national unity bloc, tighten the military-civilian ties, enhance the people's trust in the Party's leadership, the political system and the military, and foil the “peaceful evolution” schemes of hostile forces.

Translated by Lam Anh