After the launching ceremony, officers, soldiers and staff of the command planted 1,150 timber trees and 144,310 new green trees of different kinds.

It was a practical activity of MR1 to raise troops’ awareness of environmental protection, contributing to building regular, green, clean, and beautifying barracks.

Officers planting trees at Military Region 1

* The same day, the Military Region 3 (MR3) Command kicked off the tree planting festival to raise its troops’ awareness of environmental protection, climate change response, thereby creating green, clean, and beautiful barracks.

Since 2021, MR3’s agencies and units have planted 120,000 trees of different kinds, mainly fruit, timber, and shade trees.

* At the tree planting festival held by the Military Region 4 (MR4) Command, its agencies and units planted nearly 125,000 fruit and timber trees.

* Artillery Brigade 168 of MR2 launched the tree planting festival on February 15.

Over the past years, the brigade has paid much attention to realizing many policies and measures to plant different types of timber and fruit trees. Up to now, the brigade has planted around 100,000 timber and fruit trees. Additionally, the unit has called on its officers and soldiers to actively join the tree planting festival.

After the launching ceremony, troops of the brigade planted 15,000 timber trees around the unit.

* In Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province, the Naval Region 5 Command held a ceremony to launch the tree planting festival.

Last year, troops of Naval Region 5 planted more than 2,000 shade trees and 1,500 fruit trees while consolidating the landscapes around the barracks, contributing to creating an airy atmosphere and building green, clean and beautiful barracks.

Translated by Song Anh