Implementing Decision No.5162 of the MND, units have actively instructed its personnel to apply for the issuance of health insurance cards.

Servicemen register to have health checkups at Central Military Hospital 108.

As a result, most servicemen have so far received such cards with their registered hospitals and clinics convenient to them for their health examination and treatment.

Units have also ensured issuance of new health insurance cards to replace the old ones to ensure servicemen’s rights to medical services.

Servicemen’s health insurance cards have been well managed by the units or by individuals themselves on their working missions outside the units.

Basically, military units and military-civilian medical establishments also guaranteed that all servicemen have full right to health checkups and treatment in accordance with law. Meanwhile, military hospitals and medical centers have also covered the expenses for medicines and hi-tech medical equipment in treating military patients with their health insurance cards.

With their health insurance cards, servicemen can have access to high quality health care services with good medicines and modern health techniques.

Translated by Mai Huong