At the working meeting

The meeting aimed to review the units’ embracement of defense and military missions in 2020, preparations for the enlistment drive in 2020 and training season, as well as its completion of personnel organization of reservist regiments and battalions. 

Having been reported on task implementation of the military commands of Central Highland provinces over the past time, General Cang asked the units to promote education to help troops embrace their missions in 2020, safely hold ceremonies to hand over enlisted youths to military units, and embrace troops’ thoughts. 

In addition, units should promote education to raise troops’ awareness of law and military discipline observance, make thorough preparations for the upcoming training season, maintain regulations, and take good care of troops’ lives. They were also asked to take different measures to prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus, manage weapons and technical equipment, and cooperate with other forces to disseminate the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies.

Translated by Chung Anh