The Military Political Academy should focus on building a strong, transparent and trustworthy Party said Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

The Party leader made the request on his visit to the Military Political Academy under the Ministry of National Defence, marking its 60th anniversary (October 25).

At the working session on October 22, Secretary Trong highlighted the Academy's achievements over the past 60 years, declaring it has utilized its strong political will to overcome all difficulties and fulfill its mission.

The Academy has trained tens of thousands of political and scientific cadres, contributing greatly to the glorious cause of the Party and building of the People’s Army in the new context, he said.

General Secretary Trong also underlined the Academy's scientific research, saying it has provided scientific grounds for the Party’s policies and guidelines on defence and military affairs.

He pointed out the complicated regional and global progress, as well as Vietnam's advantages and challenges as hostile forces’ “peaceful evolution” targeting the country.

Mr Trong emphasized that the 11th National Party Congress addressed the policies for building the country from its transitional period to socialism, as well as its socio-economic development strategies, and clarified eight dialectical relationships including the relationship between reform, stability, and development; economic and political reform; the forces of production and production development; economic growth and cultural development; social progress and social equality; the Party’s leadership, State management, and people’s mastery.

He asked the Academy to be aware of the machinations of hostile forces and work on building the people’s confidence in the Party, the Army, and the socialist-oriented renewal process.

The Party leader expressed his belief that based on its 60-year tradition, the Military Political Academy will gain further achievements in the future and become the country’s leading centre for training political cadres.

Source: VOV