Major General Truong Thien To, Political Commissar of the Military Political Academy, presents flowers to Senior Captain Pham Mai Ngan.

According to the decision of the Ministry of National Defense, the Military Political Academy assigned Senior Captain Pham Mai Ngan to undertake the peacekeeping mission, serving as a logistics officer at the UNISFA.

Speaking at the meeting, Major General Truong Thien To emphasized that this was the first time the Military Political Academy had dispatched an officer to a U.N. peacekeeping mission. Therefore, Senior Captain Pham Mai Ngan should consider it an honor and a pride, contributing to promoting the image of the Vietnamese People's Army in the international community and contributing to maintaining peace in the area. The commissar of the Military Political Academy expressed his hope that she would quickly integrate into the new working environment, collaborate with international colleagues, and work closely with the UNISFA mission commanding officers, demonstrate solidarity, overcome challenges, and show determination to excellently fulfill her assigned tasks.

Senior Captain Ngan expressed her honor and emotions, sharing that the position of a food staff officer is one of the most important positions at the UNISFA, ensuring food for 10 units from participating countries and most importantly, supporting Vietnam's Engineering Company Rotation 2. She promised to excel in all assigned tasks, continuing the peace-loving tradition of the Vietnamese people, promoting the image of Vietnam, and the virtues of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" in international integration.

Translated by Trung Thanh