A key report delivered at the ceremony revealed that in the 2022 - 2023 academic year, the Party Committee and management board issued different leadership guidelines and measures and directed agencies, units, and teaching staff’s departments to overcome all difficulties and promote pro-activeness and creativeness to fulfill all assigned missions.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Trinh Van Quyet speaks at the ceremony.

The school also carried out the project titled "Renewing training processes and programs for cadres at all levels in the military to meet task requirements in the new situation" and made adjustments to training programs.

The scientific research was effectively carried out as planned, contributing to serving as a scientific foundation for the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, and the General Department of Political Affairs to build a politically-strong military and the whole people’s defense and armed forces.

Gen. Quyet talking with foreign learners at the academy

In the academic year, dozens of research projects were approved and won the 23rd award for young officers in the military. 

For its achievements, the Military Political Academy was presented with an emulation flag by the Government and honored with the title of "exemplary, outstanding" comprehensively strong unit. Three collectives were awarded the Fatherland Protection Order, while dozens of individuals and collectives were presented with certificates of merit by the Ministry of National Defense.

Gen. Quyet meeting with the academy’s cadres, staff, trainees, and troops

Speaking at the ceremony, Gen. Quyet congratulated the academy on its obtained results over the past time and asked the academy’s Party Committee and management board to continue to thoroughly grasp higher levels’ directives and resolutions on building military officials to meet task requirements in the new period and well carry out the digital transformation in education and training in the 2021–2025 period with orientation for 2030 and the "the academy’s training quality is its combat readiness capability" motto.

The Deputy Chief of the General Department of Political Affairs urged the academy to promote research, strengthen training to raise the quality of education management staff to meet short- and long-term requirements, and focus on building a politically-, ideologically-, ethically-, and organizationally-strong Party Organization and "exemplary, outstanding" comprehensively strong unit.

Translated by Tran Hoai