At the opening ceremony

The event saw the participation of nearly 200 athletes who are leaders, doctors, workers, and soldiers of the hospital. The participants were divided into five groups, namely the internal medicine, surgery, near-clinical, general, and administrative departments.

They compete in table tennis, badminton, tennis, volleyball and cross-country run events.

The festival aims to evaluate physical training and sports movements of professional and support departments, and to improve the hospital’s leaders’, staff members’, workers’ and soldiers’ health and physical fitness to meet the task requirements in the current context.

Speaking at the event, Gen. Son said that over the past years, the hospital has conducted physical training and sports activities in various forms. This year's sports festival would not only contribute to encouraging troops to keep fit, but also create a meaningful playground for all staff members, workers and soldiers to exchange their experience and improve their professional expertise and skills.

Translated by Lam Anh