According to a report delivered by Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Oanh, Director of the Department of Military School Management under the GS, the Project defines eight military educational establishments to train human resources in the areas of educational science, humanity, social behavioral science, health, science and technology, languages and literature, culture and arts.

An overview of the meeting

Delegates showed high agreement on the training and confirmed that the Project is well-prepared, close to reality with specific statistics.

They also suggested military schools offer training in fields of strengths, society’s needs, and dual-use purposes. In addition, these educational establishments should keep personnel organization unchanged while improving capacity of instructors, and educational management cadres, as well as developing advanced training programs with connection with national database.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong addressing the event

In his speech, Gen. Cuong emphasized the need for military educational establishments to continue their human resource training to serve the industrialization and modernization cause of the country, saying that it is in accordance with the Party’s guidelines, and the State’s policies and law and to meet the demand in human resources for socio-economic development, defense and security consolidation. Moreover, it also opens up learning chances for learners, brings into play the military educational establishments’ available resources, potential, and strength and creates opportunities for them to comprehensively develop to become educational establishments at national and international levels.

The deputy defense minister agreed to change the name of the project into “Continuing to train civilian students at some educational establishments in the military” and asked relevant ministries, departments to give comments to help complete the Project to be submitted to all levels as planned.

Translated by Mai Huong