At the meeting, the council members highly valued the detailed dossiers on the nominees. The dossiers included important documents, images, and exhibits. They also highlighted opinions from local people, veteran revolutionaries, and other troops, which provide a deep insight into the achievements gained by groups and individuals in resistance wars against foreign invaders.

General Luong Cuong speaks at the meeting.

Addressing the event, General Luong Cuong spoke highly of the task performance of the emulation and reward councils under the Ministry of National Defense and other defense agencies and military units.

He emphasized that bestowing this title is an important policy of the Party and the State and so far many groups and individuals with outstanding feats-of-arms have held this noble title.

He asked the council and relevant units to continue to study higher levels’ documents on the title bestowal and actively double check and find excellent groups and individuals to submit to the State for approval.

At the meeting, the council members cast a vote of confidence on groups nominated for the title.

Translated by Mai Huong