The Law on the VPA’s Officers was approved in 1999 at the sixth session of the 10th National Assembly. It came into effect on April 1, 2000 and was subsequently amended and supplemented in 2008 and 2014.

Gen. Phan Van Giang chairs the conference.

Over the past ten years, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense have enhanced the direction and leadership over the grasping and implementation of the law and related legal documents; applied measures to disseminate the law to troops in the whole military; pro-actively fostered coordination to bring the law’s contents to personnel of agencies and sectors and people.

The outcomes obtained over the past ten years have motivated troops in the whole military to complete their assigned duties. It has truly been instrumental in building the revolutionary, regular, elite, and gradually modernized the Vietnam People's Army, contributing to building and firmly protecting the Fatherland.

Chief of the General Department of Political Affairs Senior Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet (left) attends the event.

Delegates at the conference

Delegates also pointed out problems and inadequacies related to position of officers, military service age, regulations on ranks of flag officers, the shortened timeframe for promotion for company-grade officers, policies for officers, and the reserve force in carrying out the law.

At the event, delegates reviewed the whole military’s outcomes in carrying out the law, suggested measures, and emphasized the need to amend and supplement some contents of the law and related legal documents to address problems and inadequacies.   

Concluding the conference, Gen. Giang said that under the leadership and direction of the CMC and MND, party committees, and chains-of-command at all level, the Law on the VPA’s Officers and related documents have been strictly carried out. The defense minister emphasized the need to develop particular policies for troops who perform missions in remote and mountainous areas, in border areas, on islands, and at sea, thus attracting more talents to the military.

Collectives with outstanding achievements in carrying out the law honored at the event

The defense leader requested party committees and chains-of-command of agencies and units to continue to study and strictly implement the Party’s guidelines on building a contingent of officers and regulations on the work; focus on direction and leadership over the building of politically strong units, enhancement of leadership capability and combat power of party committees and party organizations; pro-actively carry out international integration. 

Notably, Minister Giang asked relevant agencies to promptly complete and submit the amended Law on the VPA’s Officers to the National Assembly for approval. He emphasized the need to soon bring the law into life when it is ratified to contribute to building a contingent of officers to meet the requirements of military building, defense consolidation, and Fatherland protection in the new situation.

Translated by Tran Hoai