In 2023, the cipher sector in the military promptly made recommendations on the construction and development of the sector, as well as the State management of the field in the military. Accordingly, in this field, the whole military strictly ensured cryptographic technical systems, made full use of technical and professional equipment and decoded, transferred, and received related information, to name but a few.

Senior Lieutenant General Huynh Chien Thang speaks at the conference.

In 2024, among other missions, the military cipher sector is determined to maintain the cryptographic technical system, ensure secret, accurate and timely transmission of information at all levels.

Addressing the conference, Gen. Thang hailed the troops’ achievements in this field, while asking them to continue to seriously implement all documents and instructions of higher levels, so as to raise the effectiveness and State’s management in the field in the military. The troops should also take measures to keep secret and military information safety during task performance.

An overview of the event

* Addressing a conference held by the GS of the Vietnam People’s Army on the same day to review the garrison and guard work at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense in 2023, GS’s Deputy Chief Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan hailed functional units for their achievements over the past year, asking them to continue to strictly conduct all directives and orders of higher levels, the regulations of the Ministry of National Defense and the GS on ensuring security and safety in the area, boost management and education among troops to raise their political stance, ensure combat readiness, and more.

Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan addressing the conference

* On January 22, the GS’s delegation, led by its Deputy Chief Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia, visited and extended greetings to some military units on the occasion of the upcoming lunar New Year (Tet) holiday 2024. The units consist of Factory X55, Military Sports Center, and Military Ceremonial Troupe.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia (fourth from right) presents gifts to the Military Ceremonial Troupe.

Briefed on the units’ outcomes during their task performance in 2023 and preparation for the coming Tet holiday, Gen. Nghia hailed the troops’ achievements over the past year while requesting the units’ Party Committees and chains-of-command to promote solidarity and leadership so that they would well perform all assigned tasks from the beginning of this year.

As the Tet holiday is drawing near, the GS’s leader sent best wishes to them, adding that the units should ensure welfare for troops and their relatives, implement mass mobilization work, and bring a happy and safe Tet to their troops.

Translated by Minh Anh