Delegates at the event

At the event chaired by Deputy Chief and Party Secretary of the General Staff Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan, General Doan briefed participants on the establishment and development of the force. He emphasized that the foundation day of the General Staff is an important historical event and milestone in the development of the Vietnam People’s Army which was founded and trained by President Ho Chi Minh and put under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Since its establishment 75 years ago, the General Staff has effectively performed its role as a strategic staff agency of the Party, State, and military, contributing to the successes of the resistance wars against foreign invaders in the past and the effective implementation of the current national construction and defense cause. 

To mark the important event, the General Staff will cooperate with military and civilian units to organize cultural programs, sports competitions, fire camps, singing festivals, meetings with its former officers, and tours to historical places.

The highlights will be a ceremony to receive higher level’s order and mark the foundation day and a seminar on the General Staff’s contributions to the resistance wars for national independence and national construction and defense cause.

Speaking at the event, General Tan emphasized that over the past years the General Staff successfully fulfilled its role as a strategic staff agency and the highest command agency of the Vietnam People’s Army and militia force. 

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff asked press agencies to disseminate the history, tradition, as well as achievements of the General Staff in the resistance wars for national independence and the national construction and defense cause. Articles should also affirm the advisory role of the General Staff for the Party, State, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense as well as popularize its experiences in building the force in the new period. 

Press agencies were also encouraged to cover gratitude activities of agencies and units under the General Staff and popularize the outcomes of the Party congresses of the Party organizations of its affiliates as well as the 18th Party Congress of the Party Organization of the organs of the General Staff.

Translated by Tran Hoai