The delegation inspected various contents, including the school’s education and training management, combat readiness, discipline observance, and the building of a comprehensive strong unit since 2016.

They also inspected its officers' and cadets’ performance in several contents of the unarmed line-up regulations as well as force maneuvering and field operations while the combat readiness posture was shifted from the normal level to the high one.

At the working session

After the working session, General Tien hailed the positive outcomes of the academy in education and training over the past time, saying that it had completed all assigned tasks.

Particularly, the academy actively innovated its training programs with fewer lectures and more field drills in accordance with cadets’ future duties of safeguarding the national border security and sovereignty in reality.

He also praised the academy for applying information technology to its management of training and education work while its testing and assessment programs were conducted seriously and comprehensively.

In the coming time, the academy should take drastic measures to overcome its weaknesses, improve the quality of its education and training, focus on training political stance, helping them master law knowledge, professional skills and foreign languages, especially languages of neighboring countries and of ethnic minority people in border areas, for border guard cadets.

The school should also promote its research activities, give strategic forecasts and advice to higher levels to handle situations in border and island areas soundly.

Additionally, it should enhance defense relations and people-to-people diplomacy with international partners to contribute to building the borderlines between Vietnam and the neighboring countries into borderlines of peace, friendship and development.

Translated by Lam Anh