For the past ten years, the two sides have effectively conducted coordination activities, such as co-organizing programs to improve people’s knowledge of the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies, so as to mobilize ethnic minorities and those in border areas and on islands to promote socio-economic and cultural development in combination with safeguarding national sovereignty over seas and islands and security in border areas.

In addition, the two sides also coordinated in building grassroots political bases, preserving and promoting cultural identities.

At the event

Over the past time, border guard units have provided assistance for 87 localities in building new-style rural areas, supported 42,247 needy households, and offered training courses of farming techniques and agricultural technology transfer to more than 243,000 members of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association.

As a result, 166 communes and 7 districts in border areas and on islands have been recognized as new-style rural areas while 85% of the border and island communes were honored with “Village of Culture” or “Hamlet of Culture” titles.

Meanwhile, chapters of the Vietnam Farmers’ Association at all levels have mobilized its members to protect border and landmarks, denounce crimes and consolidate people’s trust in the Party.

At the conference, the two sides also pointed out shortcomings that need to be addressed in the coming time and signed a Coordination Program for the 2019-2025 period.

Translated by Tran Hoai