According to the unit’s report, the Military Region 2 Command has closely embraced situational developments and made timely recommendations to deal with fire incidents, natural disasters and conduct search and rescue missions in an effective manner.

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Trong Binh speaks at the inspection visit.

Units under the military region have pro-actively checked and adjusted response plans, issued civil-defense directives and guidance in accordance with Resolution 02/2019/NDCP of the Prime Minister.

Also, troops in the region actively participated in training courses to raise their response capabilities to incidents and search and rescue missions as well as augment their ability to master equipped inland waterway vehicles.

Since the beginning of this year, Military Region 2, in association with localities, has mobilized around 6,000 troops and militiamen to mitigate the consequences of natural disasters, stamp out 40 fires, search for and rescue 25 victims of flood and landslides, and build 127 houses and repair more than 18,100 others for local people.

Also, on September 9, the mission inspected the capabilities of response to fires and oil spill incidents of Transport Regiment 652 under the Logistic Department of Military Region 2.

On behalf of the mission, Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Binh highly appreciated and praised Military Region 2’s recorded results in implementing fire and natural disaster control and search and rescue missions over the past time. He requested the unit to strictly maintain duty regulations, closely follow weather and natural disaster developments, cooperate with local leaderships to prepare forces and vehicles for missions, and promote information dissemination. Furthermore, he urged the unit to encourage its troops to effectively respond to incidents, natural disasters, search and rescue missions, and conduct policies for specialized forces.

Translated by Tran Hoai