Reportedly, organs and units of the General Staff have closely followed higher levels’ directives on the prevention of COVID-19 in the spirit of “fighting the epidemic is like fighting an enemy.” To date, the General Staff has reported no cases of COVID-19 infection.

Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan chairs the conference.

Many specialized training courses on COVID-19 prevention and treatment for military medical personnel from the General Staff’s affiliates have been held.

The General Staff’s leadership has also ordered relevant agencies to deliver thousands of face masks to troops and hand over 2,000 bottles of self-made antibacterial liquid to units.

In addition, the organ disinfected its barracks and checked the body temperature of all new enlistees as well as the people entering and exiting the units.

Speaking at the conference, General Tan applauded the efforts of all units over the past time and urged them to continue following higher levels’ instructions and resolutions on the prevention of the COVID-19. He noted that the units’ chains-of-commander should enhance information dissemination to raise troops’ awareness of the disease while preparing personnel and vehicles to follow the third stage of the pandemic prevention plan.

Translated by Trung Thanh