At the meeting, a representative of the Party Organization Department said that the major draft documents for the upcoming Military Party Congress had been basically approved earlier by the Executive Committee of the CMC. Therefore, the agency will revise and complete all documents according to the instructions of the Executive Committee of the CMC.

General Luong Cuong chairs the meeting.

After hearing the opinions and ideas from participants, General Luong Cuong highly valued the preparation work for made by relevant agencies of the GDP, saying that the relevant agencies of the GDP had been responsible and active in drafting documents and making other preparations. He asked them to continue completing the draft documents, organizational procedures and agenda for the congress.

General Luong Cuong requested the relevant agencies to complete all documents and preparation work and submit them to the Executive Committee of the CMC by September 25, 2020 for further consideration. 

Particularly, the Director of the GDP urged the Department of Political Information and Education under the GDP to quickly make a summary report of comments and opinions of all Party organizations within the Military Party Organization on the draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress.

Translated by Thu Nguyen