Having heard reports and inspected agencies and units, the delegation evaluated that Division 3 has closely followed its political tasks and actual situation, thoroughly disseminated, and seriously implemented the GDP and the military region’s directives and plans on political and ideological work in 2024.

Major General Vu Cong Hoa addresses the event.

Agencies and units under the military region have carried out and completed the set targets, contributing to improving the overall quality and combat readiness capability, building healthy and strong Party organizations, comprehensively strong, exemplary, and outstanding units.

During the inspection, the mission also pointed out shortcomings and limitations that need addressing in the coming time to raise the quality of task performance in the second half of this year and the coming time.

During the inspection

* The same day, the third delegation of the GDP, led by Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Training Senior Colonel Nguyen The Manh, checked the implementation of the work of Saigon Newport Corporation of the Navy and the Ho Chi Minh City Border Guard Command.

According to the mission’s evaluation, the units have taken synchronous measures to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Party and political work. They have built and maintained many effective mass mobilization models, contributing to strengthening the whole people’s defense posture in the locality where they are stationed, sea border, and border gates of the port.

During the inspection at the Saigon Newport Corporation

The mission asked the units to continue to study and effectively carry out Party and political work in combination with studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s example and enhance dissemination of the 80th anniversary of the foundation day of the Vietnam People’s Army and the 35th anniversary of the whole people’s defense festive day.

Translated by Tran Hoai