Speaking at the event, the GDP’s Chief General Luong Cuong briefed delegates on international and domestic situations. He also reported on achievements in implementing military and defense missions, as well as outstanding activities conducted by the general department over the past time. Cuong said that prior to the 75th anniversary of its foundation day, the GDP has promoted information dissemination and education, conducted gratitude activities, and organized seminars and cultural and sports events.

Delegates at the meeting

The GPP’s Chief said that in the coming time the general department will continue guiding the implementation of Party and political work and building strong Party organizations and comprehensively-strong units across the military while accelerating mass mobilization activities. It will also focus on directing the organization of upcoming Party congresses at all levels in the military, in the build up to the 13th National Party Congress.

On this occasion, General Cuong wished the GDP’s former leaders and leaders and delegates good health, saying that they will absolutely trust the Party’s leadership and forever be bright examples for troops to follow.

On behalf of the Liaison Board of the GDP’s former officers, retired Major General Nguyen Khac Ngo expressed delight at the achievements of the nation, military, and the GDP over the past time.

He affirmed that former officers of the general department will uphold their political stance and promote virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and the GDP’s tradition to actively protect the ideology of the Party and promote studying and following Uncle Ho’s example.

Translated by Tran Hoai