During the inspection, Gen. Gau praised the results of the unit's Party and political work during the reviewed period.

He requested the unit to regularly review and conduct thorough training for combat readiness. The Party Committee and chain-of-command of the brigade should fully implement Resolution No.1659-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission on improving the training quality in the  2023-2030 period and the following years. They should focus on maintaining discipline, ensuring effective training, improving the quality of regularity building, strengthening military disciplinary management, and ensuring the safety of all affiliated units, building a strong and comprehensive exemplary unit.

The brigade's leaders should concentrate on building clean and strong Party organizations, strictly adhering to the principles of Party activities, improving the quality and effectiveness of Party and political work in various tasks, especially in training and combat readiness, building regular forces, and enhancing political orientation in defense diplomacy, disaster prevention and response, and local defense affairs.


Gen. Nguyen Van Gau speaking at the event

* The same day, another delegation from the GDP, led by Deputy Director Lieutenant General Le Quang Minh, worked with the Bac Lieu provincial Military Command and Border Guard Command.

Gen. Le Quang Minh addressing the event

Since the beginning of 2023, the Party Committees of the two commands have been focusing on leading and effectively directing Party and political work in various tasks, with a particular focus on training, combat readiness, building regular forces, and maintaining discipline. They have fully implemented plans and instructions regarding mass mobilization and information dissemination work, as well as implementing democratic regulations at grassroots level, and collecting remains of fallen soldiers.

Gen. Minh requested the units to continue focusing on leadership and direction to overcome identified shortcomings. They should implement and strictly adhere to the directives, resolutions, and conclusions of the Party committees at all levels, build clean and strong Party organizations, coordinate well with local authorities, and effectively handle all situations. They should also strengthen political and ideological education, enhance awareness and responsibility among troops, build strong and comprehensive exemplary units, and actively participate in poverty reduction, socio-economic development, and building new-style rural areas.

Translated by Trung Thanh