Addressing the event, Lieutenant General Hoang Van Dong, Political Commissar of the Vietnam Coast Guard stated that over the past 20 years of construction and development, coast guard troops have always upheld their sense of responsibility for the Party, the State, the military, and the people; promoted their strong will of self-reliance and solidarity; and attained various achievements.

General Luong Cuong welcomed at the Vietnam Coast Guard Command

As reported, coast guard units discovered and dealt with thousands of cases of smuggling and trade fraud at sea, seized a big amount of heroin and illegal drugs, as well as cooperated with functional forces to enforce laws, and maintain security and order at sea. In 2018 and the first four months of 2019, the Coast Guard Command detected, arrested and handled 837 cases; sent ships to search and rescue missions, saving 190 people and towing ashore 12 distressed trawlers; and implemented well the “Coast guards stand by fishermen” program, supporting needy fishermen to overcome difficulties, while enhancing the building of a whole-people defense and people's security posture at sea.

At the meeting, General Cuong recognized and applauded the good outcomes of the coast guard force’s task performance over the past years. He highlighted the Vietnamese seas' and islands' important role in the cause of national construction and defense. Gen. Cuong asked the command to thoroughly grasp Party's guidelines and State's policies and laws, and military-defense missions; strengthen political stance and revolutionary morality among its troops. He also requested all coast guard units to perform their duties in a serious manner, as well as to be prepared to address any problems, even unexpected ones.

The coast guard force needs to raise their vigilance and responsibilities, actively detect all violations, and cooperate with other functional forces to fulfill all assigned missions, thereby firmly ensuring national sovereignty, security, social order, and safety at sea. Besides, the units should be ready to participate in natural disaster consequence relief; implementing search and rescue missions; and well performing defense external affairs, he added.

Translated by Lam Anh