During the program, crewmembers offered incense in commemoration of fallen soldiers, visited and presented gifts to troops and islanders, held law education and dissemination for fishermen, and presented national flags, lifebuoys, and medical kits to those who are fishing in Con Co island district. 

Through activities, Vietnamese coast guards equipped fishermen with essential legal knowledge while fishing in the shared fishing waters of the two nations in the Gulf of Tonkin and provided them with radio frequencies of search and rescue units. They also learned the missions of coast guard force as well as some methods to recognize synthetic drugs to prevent drug-related crime.

The mission sending gifts to representatives of authorities and units in Con Co Island

Senior Colonel Le Huy, Deputy Political Commissar of Coast Guard Region 1, said that the command’s activities in Con Co island district demonstrated the coast guard force’s concern for the district’s people, especially fishermen, contributing to embellishing the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the new era.

At the program, participating fishermen expressed thanks to the coast guard force for useful information to help them avoid illegal fishing in foreign waters and showed their determination to work at sea to protect national sovereignty over the seas and islands.

Truong Khac Truong, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Con Co promised that the district will cooperate with the Coast Guard Region 1 Command in law education and dissemination for fishermen and foster the implementation of the State’s policies and models in a bid to encourage fishermen to continue fishing at sea, contributing to protecting maritime environment and national sovereignty over the seas and islands.

The mission presenting gifts to needy people in Con Co Island

“Coast guards stand by fishermen” in Con Co island district is a politically-significant program to raise fishermen’s awareness of the maritime strategy as well as the role of the seas and islands in socio-economic development, defense and security consolidation, contributing to successfully carrying out the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies.

Earlier, the two coast guard ships of the Coast Guard Region 1 Command left the Northern port city of Hai Phong to begin a patrol to examine the enforcement of the Vietnam - China agreement on fishery cooperation in the Gulf of Tonkin in 2019.

Senior Colonel Luong Cao Khai, Deputy Commander of Coast Guard Region 1, said that since the agreement took effect 15 years ago, Vietnam’s coast guard has cooperated with the Navy, Border Guard, and Fisheries Resource Surveillance force to well supervise the implementation of the agreement, helping fishermen in production and ensuring security in the shared fishing grounds.

Notably, the force works with Chinese relevant units to conduct joint fishery patrols in the Gulf of Tonkin. Those activities show Vietnam’s goodwill in enforcing and monitoring the implementation of the agreement, contributing to building the peaceful, cooperative, and friendly Gulf of Tokin and creating favorable environment for economic development.

Translated by Chung Anh