At the event, participants heard a report that during the lunar New Year (Tet) 2023 holiday, the whole military embraced and strictly implemented directions from the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of National Defense and instructions of agencies on combat readiness and Tet celebrations.

General Luong Cuong speaks at the meeting.

During the Tet holiday, defense agencies and military units well performed political and ideological education work, oriented opinions of the public and troops in a timely manner, created unity in the whole military and consensus in society. In addition, agencies and units in the whole military kept a close watch on the development of situations, maintained duties and guard work to protect national sovereignty over borders, skies, and waters, contributing to upholding social order and security and securing a cozy and safe Tet for local people.

Attentively, they visited and presented gifts to policy beneficiaries, ensured Tet welfare for troops, especially those undertaking combat readiness duties. 

Renovation and creativity were seen in cultural and entertainment activities organized by units for troops and people, thereby tightening the military-civilian relations and ensuring a cozy, healthy, safe, economical, high combat readiness Tet for officers and soldiers.

According to the report, civilian and military press and media agencies well disseminated information about troops’ military and defense performance and the military’s defense diplomacy implementation. They reported news about the leaders of the Party, State, Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, General Staff, and GDP’s inspection of combat readiness posture and extending Tet greetings to localities and units. They also covered units’ combat readiness observance, troops and people’s Tet welcoming celebrations, especially those in the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, on DK1 platforms, in border areas, the recruitments in 2023 and tree-planting festivals.

During the Tet holiday, troops undertook and completed all assignments, particularly those on duty in border areas, on islands, taking missions of search and rescue and disease and disaster prevention and control.

In his concluding speech, General Luong Cuong praised the whole military for their task performance.

He asked defense agencies and military units to continue giving recommendations to fulfill all assigned missions and implement duties according to plans and programs for 2023.

The chief of the GDP requested them to manage troops’ thought and direct the implementation of the Party and political work in missions, especially in the handover and reception of recruits, start of new training session, and organization of tree-planting festivals.

On behalf of the GDP leadership, General Cuong wished all officers, soldiers, workers in the whole military and their families a new year of happiness and success.

Translated by Mai Huong