In 2021, the university’s leaderships at all levels have well implemented resolutions of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense, directed relevant units to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and fulfill other assigned missions. Notably, the school has conducted the renewal process as scheduled, issued the university-level training program for the military medicine sector, and actively manufactured medical equipment and drugs to serve the pandemic prevention and control.

General Luong Cuong speaks at the conference. 

Speaking at the conference, General Luong Cuong acknowledged and highly valued efforts of the university’s leadership, instructors and cadets in overcoming hardships and accomplishing their 2021 tasks.

The GDP’s Director agreed with the school’s plan for 2022 and urged the Party Committee of the Military Medical University to effectively implement the Resolution of the Central Military Commission on leading the implementation of military-defense missions in 2022. Particularly, the university should focus on improving the quality of training and educational activities, promoting scientific researches, providing healthcare for troops and people, applying their studies to the reality, and being ready to join the COVID-19 prevention and control.

In addition, the school should enhance information dissemination to uphold medical ethics for its staff, and implement training activities to improve personnel’s capabilities.

General Cuong also urged the university’s Party Committee to focus on building strong Party organizations in term of political affairs, ideology, structure and personnel, promoting the virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and fighting against individualism.

Translated by Trung Thanh