Senior Lieutenant General Be Xuan Truong, member of the Central Party Committee and Deputy Defense Minister, attended the event.

Senior Lieutenant General Be Xuan Truong (3rd from left) presenting the order to the factory's leadership

Over the past 30 years, generations of troops and employees of the factory have overcome difficulties, applied new technologies transferred by foreign partners, and actively mastered technical advances to manufacture military propellant powders and explosives.

Apart from that, the factory’s leadership focused on manufacturing consumer products, contributing to improving living standards for its troops and employees.

Speaking at the event, General Truong praised the factory’s results and affirmed that the unit’s outstanding achievements contributes to the development of the defense industry as well as to upholding the national military power.

He asked the unit’s leaders to embrace higher levels’ instructions and resolutions, promote solidarity and creativeness, and overcome hardship to fulfill all assigned tasks.

Translated by Trung Thanh