Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh inspects Workshop X265.

Recently, units under the Department of Weapons and Ammunition have organized the reception, distribution, storage, and repairs of weapons and equipment in compliance with regulations. They have also conducted comprehensive training and skill assessments for technical staff, achieving good and excellent results.

Moreover, they have effectively promoted initiatives and implemented technical improvements. The units have maintained strict duty schedules and established close coordination with military units, local authorities, and other relevant functional forces to ensure the safety of the warehouses and workshops.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh and officers of Workshop X265 in a joint photo

Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh praised the achievements of the units under the Department of Weapons and Ammunition, particularly in safeguarding the storage facilities, weapons, and ammunition.

In order to successfully accomplish the tasks in 2023 and the following years, he urged the General Department of Technical Services to provide leadership and guidance to the Department of Weapons and Ammunition and other relevant units. These include ensuring proper organization of storage, maintenance, repair, reception, and distribution of weapons and ammunition in accordance with regulations.

Gen. Vinh speaks at the event.

The units should regularly review their entire system of documents and operational plans, conduct thorough training exercises, and diligently learn from each exercise. They should also effectively carry out internal political protection work and implement synchronized measures to protect the warehouses both internally and externally, thereby guaranteeing the absolute safety of the storage facilities, weapons, and ammunition system.

The Deputy Defense Minister emphasized the need for the units to review and enhance the lightning protection system for buildings and ammunition depots, pro-actively ensuring safety during hot and rainy seasons. Attention should be given to strictly maintaining discipline observance among personnel, and the units should ensure regular and thorough implementation of ideological work for the military.

An overview of the working session

Furthermore, the units should study and propose guidelines and measures regarding organizational establishment and policies for beneficiaries. It is crucial to provide care and create favorable conditions for officers, staff, and soldiers to successfully accomplish their tasks.

Translated by Trung Thanh