The information was revealed at a working session between Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh and the portal on May 4.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh speaking at the event

According to a report at the meeting, the MND e-portal has effectively managed and operated the MND’s public service portal which is connected with the national public service portal and participated in the government's assessment based on a set of indicators on serving people and businesses with administrative procedures and public services in real time in the e-environment.

Notably, the portal has been merged with the MND’s e-one-stop system into the MND’s administrative procedure handling information system. It has published, publicized, reviewed and fully and accurately provided information about 246 administrative procedures in 20 MND-managed fields; added 11 online public services in industrial explosives management, 11 others in border management; announced 26 new administrative procedures, abolished 20 expired ones, among others.

It has also provided a tool to assess the satisfaction of individuals and organizations in handling administrative procedures, public services; and deployed three channels to receive and handle complaints and recommendations of people and businesses.

Addressing the working session, Gen. Vinh highly appreciated and applauded outcomes that the portal has achieved over the past time. He asked it and relevant agencies to promptly develop e-government towards digital government; continue to complete legal document system; boost information dissemination about the portal and the completion of administrative procedures and e-public services, to name but a few.

At the event

The deputy defense minister also requested the portal to update online public services in a more convenient way for the people and businesses, upgrade its database, and develop new features. 

He also asked relevant agencies to strive to handle 50 percent of the papers online, transparently process all papers, simplify procedures, computerize the implementation process, and provide the portal’s accounts for military commands at district level.

Translated by Mai Huong