Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Thang speaking at the event

Addressing the event, Nguyen Van Thang, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Head of the organizing panel of the exercise, emphasized the importance of the event, which aims to review and better all preparations for the province’s defensive area exercise.

Mr. Thang also requested the organizing panel and Military Region 2 to direct and make recommendations to help the province promptly prepare for the exercise.

During training, all participants were asked to strictly adhere to COVID-19 prevention and control regulations. The outcomes of the training will help improve the process of preparing related documents and meeting other requirements for the upcoming exercise.

At the event

After the opening ceremony, the armed forces practiced different stages of the exercise, such as units shifting to higher combat readiness postures, localities shifting to the defensive posture, preparing for and conducting defensive operation.

Translated by Minh Anh