Factory Z173’ report on its task implementation since the beginning of this year said that despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the unit has fulfilled all set plans. Accordingly, for four months, the factory built nine defense and 15 economic products with a turnover of VND 265.6 billion and a profit of VND 2.8 billion. Its workers’ average income per capita was VND 10.7 million per month. Factory Z173 has submitted a mid-term investment plan on projects to raise productivity to higher levels for approval, held trade promotion activities, and sought export markets and cooperation opportunities with international partners. 

At the working session

Meanwhile, Factory Z189’s production value reached VND 476.9 billion and its turnover reached VND 562.6 billion, earning VND 13.3 billion in pre-tax profit. Its workers’ average income per capita was  VND 12.6 million per month. At present, the factory is building the country’s largest multipurpose search-and-rescue submarine .The vessel has a water displacement of around 4,000 tons. The factory is also building dozens of economic ships to export to Northern Europe and India. Over the past years, the unit has actively cooperated with large international shipbuilding groups to build ships of different kinds and promote technology transfer. It also studied and manufactured technical equipment and several weapons for defense and military missions. 

Concluding the meeting, General Vinh praised the factories for their achievements in production and trade, especially in mastering technologies. The defense leader asked the units to raise their productivity and prestige in the shipbuilding sector, seek new markets, and promote international cooperation with prestigious partners, so as to raise income for their workers.

He urged Factories Z173 and Z189 to take full advantage of available machinery, technologies, and manpower to manufacture new diversified products. General Vinh requested relevant agencies of the Ministry of National Defense to promote the process of investment and sponsorship activities of international partners to help the factories to effectively produce quality products.   

Translated by Tran Hoai