Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong chaired the meeting.

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong speaks at the meeting.

Over the past time, under the leadership of the Party, the management of State, and the direction of the Government, the military has become a pioneering force in obeying the law, mobilizing the people to follow the Party’s guideline and the State’s  policies, and fighting against wrongful viewpoints of hostile forces.

The military’s role has been displayed clearly in the law dissemination and education at the grassroots level, contributing to developing the socio-economy and maintaining political security and social safety. After the project was approved by the Prime Minister, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense have directed affiliated units to build and implement the plans.

Up to now, 100 percent of units have established steering panels for the implementation of the project while conducting numerous measures to mobilize the people to obey the law. Notably, the units have increasingly applied information technology (IT), use of social media, and digital transformation to the implementation of the project.

Delegates at the event

Speaking at the meeting, General Luong acknowledged and praised achievements of the units and agencies over the past time. He urged the units and agencies to promote their Party committees’ and chains-of-command’s responsibilities in directing the work, consider the law dissemination and education an important mission of the military.

The deputy defense minister required the units to closely collaborate with local authorities to well implement the project while enhancing IT application and digital transformation in law dissemination and education.

Translated by Chung Anh