The conference was organized via an online format, connecting six border districts of the province.

Outstanding individuals and groups honored at the event

As reported, during the 2017-2021 period, the border districts have strictly embraced higher levels’ instruction and effectively implemented concrete plans to promote law dissemination and education.

Accordingly, 17 border communes have worked with 10 border stations to establish 309 reconciling teams and 17 clubs to disseminate laws for people while maintaining law libraries in border communes, stations and border areas.

Meanwhile, military units and localities have conducted practical activities, including “Day of law,” the “illiteracy eradication class,” and others to improve people’s knowledge of State laws.

After the four-year implementation, the project contributed to raising troops’ and public’s awareness of the importance of obeying State laws, ensuring political security and social order, as well as protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chairman of the Son La provincial People’s Committee Dang Ngoc Hau required all-level leaders to continue grasping regional situations to map out adequate measures for law dissemination and education.

He added that the units should promote their initiatives, diversify dissemination measures to improve the quality of law dissemination and education while enhancing applying information technology to dissemination work in border areas, so on.

On this occasion, the Son La provincial People’s Committee presented certificates of merit to three collectives and six individuals, and the provincial Border Guard Command handed over certificates of merit to six groups and 13 individuals for their remarkable achievements in implementing the project “Strengthening law dissemination and education for cadres and people in border and island areas in the 2017-2021 period.”

Translated by Quynh Oanh