In the letter, Politburo member, Deputy Secretary of the CMC and Defense Minister General Lich sent his best regards and wishes to the recipients.

He underscored that in the 2019-2020 academic year, under the sound leadership of the CMC and the MND, military schools actively, proactively, synchronously and effectively carried out measures to renovate and improve the quality of education and training despite numerous difficulties and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that badly affected the performance of military-defense missions, including education, training and scientific study.

The defense minister lauded military instructors and educational managers for their solidarity consolidation, activeness, proactiveness, and creativity in their work. He stressed that they have overcome numerous difficulties and constantly improved their professional expertise to gain outstanding achievements in teaching, scientific studies, and educational management.

Defense Minister General Lich

General Lich also emphasized that they are the key force that plays a decisive role in defining the quality of education and training in military schools, making important contributions to the education cause, and to the building of a revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modernized military that meets the requirements of firmly safeguarding the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the new period.

In the face of strong development of science, technology and requirements of basic and comprehensive renovation of education and training, General Lich urged military schools to continue to embrace the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies, actively and effectively realize the Government’s action program on education and training, and resolutions of the 11th Military Party Congress.

They should pay due attention to renovating training contents and programs in the direction of “standardization, modernization, and articulation,” and multiplying new creative teaching and learning models. In addition, they should build smart military schools, and foster a contingent of high quality instructors and educational managers, thus contributing to the strong and firm development of military education and training.

Also in the letter, General Lich asked instructors and educational managers to continue to bring into full play the good virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, enhance scientific and technological studies, improve their expertise, apply information technology to training, and improve their command of foreign languages to meet the requirements of the national industrialization and modernization in the context of international integration.

He wished all of the teachers and their family members good health, happiness, and urged them to strive harder to deserve the care and trust of the Party, State, people, and the military.

Translated by Mai Huong