Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang speaks at the meeting.

At the meeting, participants reviewed and  commented on the report on the outcomes of the realization of the CMC’s Resolution No.520 on leading the military to carry out production, economic development coupled with defense consolidation by 2020 and build a draft resolution on the CMC’s leadership over the work by 2030.

The participants agreed that over the past years, the CMC has given timely recommendations to the Politburo to issue policies on the military engaging in production, economic development coupled with defense consolidation and in handling shortcomings in defense land management and use.

The CMC has directed the  planning of building and developing defense-economic areas, renovating the operation of defense-economic units, raising the efficiency of military businesses, manufacturing products of dual-use.

Under the CMC’s leadership, the production and labor activities of regular units have gradually come into order while foreign economic activities have reaped positive outcomes, and the quality of staff at all levels has improved. 

Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang chairs the event.

Also at the meeting, the participants gave comments on the draft resolution of the CMC on leading the military to implement the mission of production, economic development  and defense consolidation by 2030.

In his concluding speech, General Giang acknowledged great efforts of authorized agencies in making the report and highly valued the participants’ constructive opinions.

The defense minister analyzed and emphasized the achievements gained during the past nine years of implementing the CMC’s Resolution No.520 and mapped out major orientations with a focus on goals, tasks, important solutions identified in the draft resolution.

General Giang asked relevant agencies to take notes of the opinions at the meeting to complete the draft resolution to submit to the authorized level for approval.

Also on November 17, the Standing Board of the CMC gave comments on the CMC report on issuing leadership regulations on investment and construction activities in the military.

Translated by Mai Huong