In his speech, Major General Nguyen Quoc Duyet, Commanding General of the Hanoi Capital Command, reminisced about the 75 years of the glorious tradition of the command in its formation, combat and development.

Major General Nguyen Quoc Duyet recalls the glorious tradition of the Hanoi armed forces.

The armed forces have inherited and brought into play the undaunted heroic tradition of the nation in the war against foreign invaders, overcome challenges and achieved resounding feats-of-arms.

In the renewal process, the capital armed forces have promoted the tradition of “Ready to die for the Fatherland,” built politically-, ideologically-, and organizationally-strong forces, actively strengthened training, combat readiness capability, and been proactive in natural disaster and disease prevention and control, and search and rescue operations. It has outstandingly completed all assignments as well.

General Phan Van Giang inquires after Heroic Vietnamese Mother Cong Thi Mui.

Acknowledging and hailing achievements and dedication of generations of the capital armed forces, General Giang asked them to continue embracing guidelines and policies issued by the Party, State, Central Military Commission (CMC), Ministry of National Defense (MND) and Hanoi capital on military-defense affairs. The command was requested to creatively apply the ancestors’ lesson of building and safeguarding the nation from afar, and try its best to protect the Fatherland and the capital in the current period while giving recommendations to the CMC, MND, and the capital’s leaders to direct the implementation of military and defense tasks, the building of all people’s defense posture in association with people’s security disposition and of a firm defensive area.

The defense minister also urged relevant agencies and units to closely team with functional forces of the capital to maintain political security, social order and safety in the locality, to carry out search and rescue and natural disaster and disease prevention missions, especially COVID-19, as well as deal with environmental incidents.

Defense Minister Phan Van Giang pins the order onto the Hanoi Capital Command's "Determination to Win" flag.

General Giang also asked the command to develop approaches to building revolutionary, standardized, elite, and gradually-modernized capital armed forces with higher synergy and combat strength, a strong and widespread militia and self-defense force, and a powerful reserve force to be deployed on request.

Other tasks that the capital armed forces need to focus on are to design training programs in line with reality, master weapons and technical equipment, prevent acts of sabotage of the hostile forces in a timely manner, enhance emulation programs and movement of “studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality, and lifestyle,” and improve education quality to encourage troops to shine the image of “the capital soldiers” and undertake and fulfill all assigned missions.

At the ceremony, authorized by the State President, General Phan Van Giang handed over the First-Class Fatherland Protection Order to the Hanoi capital armed forces.

Translated by Mai Huong