At the meeting, the mission was briefed on the unit’s combat readiness, training, implementation of higher levels’ resolutions, as well as its preparations to ensure smooth communications for units to complete their missions and a happy Tet for its troops.

Gen. Cuong speaks at the meeting

General Cuong applauded the unit for last year’s task accomplishments including both routine and unscheduled missions, its guarantee of smooth communications for ASEAN-led military-defense meetings and related activities during Vietnam’s ASEAN Chair Year in 2020, Ministry of National Defense-directed exercises, COVID-19 prevention and control, and search and rescue missions.

The deputy defense minister urged the unit to continue to embrace directives and dispatches issued by the Ministry of National Defense and its higher levels.

As Tet is coming near, the unit was requested to ensure smooth communications, especially  when leaders of the Party, State, and Ministry of National Defense extend Tet greetings to defense agencies and military units. The unit should also stay ready to deal with any arising circumstances and maintain combat readiness and duties.

In addition, the unit should direct its troops to master assigned equipment and reorganize its personnel.

On the occasion of the upcoming Tet, General Cuong presented Tet gifts and wished troops and their families good health and successes.

Translated by Mai Huong