At the meeting

During the meeting, voters in the two communes expressed their delight at the country’s achievements over the past time, especially in the COVID-19 prevention and control work as well as socio-economic recovery. They also showed their belief in the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies on social security work, and the fight against corruption and wastefulness. Meanwhile, some of them raised their concerns during the meeting, hoping that the issues would be proposed to the N.A.’s functional organs.

Addressing the event, General Cuong thanked the voters for their enthusiastic comments, noting that the N.A. would take the issues into consideration and address them.

During the event, the chief of the General Staff also informed the participants on the national socio-economic, defense and security situations in the first months of 2022. He underlined that, together with the whole country, Binh Duong province is considered a bright example in overcoming pandemic consequences and quick economic recovery, contributing to making the locality a key economic center of the Southern region and the whole country. Especially, the two districts of Dau Tieng and Bau Bang have constantly developed with people’s living standard raised.

The N.A. deputies hoped to regularly receive contribution and comments from voters and will soon handle all issues as regulated, added General Cuong.

Translated by Minh Anh