At the Naval Region 2 Command and Brigade 167, the delegation inspected the implementation of five standards of comprehensively-strong units through four fields: command and staff, politic affairs, logistic services, and technical services.

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Trong Binh speaks at the inspection.

During the inspection, the delegation evaluated and commented on Naval Region 2’s implementation of the five standards above. Reportedly, Navy Region 2 has promptly educated and promoted determination for its troops while strictly implementing combat readiness work and fulfilling all assigned missions of the year. Besides, logistic and technical work has also been synchronously conducted.

They have also strictly observed COVID-19 prevention and control work and actively supported pandemic-hit people in the localities where they are stationed. In addition to firmly protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands, they have also well performed search and rescue missions, and stood side by side with fishermen.

Concluding the event, General Binh hailed and acknowledged the naval unit’s achievements in 2021, while pointing out its shortcomings and limitations in task performance.

He also requested them to focus on leadership, promoting political education among troops. In the implementation of assigned missions, the unit should strictly observe military discipline and ensure logistic and technical services to meet all task requirements. Especially, the troops were urged to maintain pandemic prevention and control regulations and ensure absolute safety for the unit.

As a result, Naval Region 2 achieved good results with an overall average score of 8.09 points.

Translated by Minh Anh