General Ngo Xuan Lich, member of the Politburo, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission and Minister of National Defense, chaired the event. Leaders and former leaders of the Ministry of National Defense, and representatives of the major units and businesses in the whole military attended the event.

After touring the technical production lines of weapons, equipment and dual-use goods of the GDDI, delegates were briefed on the unit’s capabilities of researching, developing and manufacturing defense, economic and dual-use products over the past time.

At the event

Particularly, the GDDI currently has over 600 qualified staff with post graduate degrees and thousands of well-trained engineers. They have professionalism, skills and experience while being able to carry out research and make innovations independently and master transferred technologies to meet the demand of developing the national defense industry.

The unit is operating production and maintenance lines for various kinds of weapons and equipment such as ammunitions, explosives, artillery shells, pistols, rifles, and so on.

Delegates visiting the exhibition

In addition, the general department provided dual-use goods such as communication cables, military tires, or explosive charges for training. Notably, the defense products are mainly researched and manufactured by the GDDI while a small amount of their goods are produced under technologies transferred from aboard.

Meanwhile, shipbuilding factories of the GDDI have successfully built numerous classes of military ships such as artillery ships, swift-attack craft, and rescue ships for submarines. They are increasingly developed to be capable of building new-class missile boats, anti-submarine ships or surface vessels for the naval, border, and coast guard forces as well as conducting maintenance for various military ships.

Apart from the defense products, the GDDI also manufactured economic goods, contributing to creating more jobs for laborers, developing the economy in localities, and accelerating the national industrialization and modernization. At the moment, numerous products of the GDDI are exported to foreign countries such as rescue ships, cargo vessels, fishing boats, to name but a few.

Speaking at the meeting, General Ngo Xuan Lich acknowledged the achievements of the GDDI and stressed that the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense always pay much attention to developing the defense industry to meet the requirements of the Fatherland protection in the current context. He urged the unit to continue grasping higher levels’ instructions and resolutions, providing timely advice for the Party and State to map out concrete plans for developing the defense industry to be the key sector of the national industry.

Finally, general Lich required the unit’s leadership, staff and employees to attach importance to studying and manufacturing defense and dual-use products in line with the real situations. Additionally, the defense minister noted that the GDDI should focus on building strong Party organizations in term of politics, ideology and organizational structure, as well as building comprehensive strong units at all levels, contributing to fulfilling all assigned missions in the time to come.

Translated by Trung Thanh