At the meeting, Hung Hoa voters expressed their joys at the success of the fourth session of the 15th National Assembly. They spoke highly of issues debated at the session, saying that they helped consolidate and increase the people’s trust in the Party, the State, and the National Assembly.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong speaks at the meeting with Binh Duong voters

Many voters voiced their opinions on problems related to the Law on Land and the upgrading of rural roads. According to them, the authorities should take measures to control and stabilize the prices of essential commodities, particularly the scarcity of gasoline and oil; to invest, upgrade medical equipment, and develop approaches to handle medical staff and teachers’ resignation or changing their working place from the public sector to the private one.

Under his authority, Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong addressed a number of issues that voters were interested in. The Chief of the General Staff also informed voters about outstanding results gained by the military during the performance of military and defense tasks over the past time and the process of building a revolutionary, standardized, elite, and gradually-modernized military coupled with national defense and security consolidation and the firm people’s heart posture building.

In the afternoon the same day, Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong led the mission to inspect Military Hospital 4, Artillery Brigade 434 and work with Army Corps 4 Command.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong addresses the working session with the Army Corps 4 Command.

As reported by Commander of Army Corps 4 Senior Colonel Le Van Huong, this year, the corps’ Party Committee and chain-of-command have comprehensively led and directed the implementation of all working aspects and fulfillment of all assigned missions and issued guidelines and measures with close attachment to the unit’s key political duties.

Notably, troops of the corps have upheld firm thought, stayed united while higher quality and remarkable changes have been seen in the training programs.

Addressing the event, the chief of the General Staff hailed and highly appreciated Army Corps 4’s outcomes in task implementation.

He asked the corps to hold a year-end review in which strong and weak points should be pointed out and clarified and proposals to fix the shortcomings and better the task performance for next year should be made.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong requested all-level party committees, chains-of-command, and troops to continue embracing and actualizing direction on military and defense work. They were urged to closely coordinate with local authorities and forces in the stationed area to thoroughly grasp situational developments, deal with contingencies in a timely manner while continuously renovating and improving training quality and observing combat readiness regulations.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong inspects the technical area of Artillery Brigade 434.

Alongside maintaining force-regularity building, observing military discipline and State law, the chief of the General Staff also asked the corps’ cadres and party members to promote their role, and the corps’ affiliates to build exemplary, typical, and comprehensively-strong units.

Other missions that the corps should be focus on in the coming time, according to Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong are the realization of higher levels’ resolutions and plans on military personnel organization in the 2021-2030 period and the following years, management of defense land, enhancement of ties with local party committee, authorities and people, and devising a lunar New Year welcoming plan in an economic and safe manner while maintaining high combat readiness.

Translated by Mai Huong