Cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the monument at Dak M’bai Border Post

The event was to mark the 78th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army and the 33rd anniversary of the whole people’s defense festive day.

The “Uncle Ho and border guards” bust was sculptured based on Vu Trong Khoi’s “Following the nation” work showing the image of Uncle Ho caringly giving instructions to a border guard.

The bust is made of natural stone and placed on a concrete pedestal engraved with President Ho Chi Minh’s verse for troops at the first “Solider of the Year” Congress of the People's Armed Police (present the Border Guards) held in Hanoi on March 2, 1962.

Delegates in a joint photo in front of the monument at Dak Tien Border Post

The monument placed in the unit aims to educate troops of the tradition, remind them to overcome all difficulties and stay united to successfully fulfill all political missions, build comprehensively strong unit, and firmly protect national sovereignty and security.

Also on this occasion, Dak M'Bai and Dak Tien Border Posts organized many meaningful and practical activities such as offering flowers and planting trees in the precinct of the “Uncle Ho and border guards” monument. 

Translated by Tran Hoai